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Midas Cichlid Information Red Devil Cichlid Amphilophus Citrinellum
midas cichlid and oscar fish in one tank
Red Devil and other Cichlids
Red Devil and other Cichlids
Occurrence and Breeding

This cichlid’s natural area of circulation extends from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. Some populations exist in Panama as well.
Commercial breeding is done mainly in Asia, Central and North America. In Asia, the Midas Cichlid is bred up to a size of ca. 9 inch in large net cages or concrete ponds. These spacious breeding facilities contain several 100 fish. This spaciousness also avoids aggressive behavior and makes the Midas Cichlid grow faster and without injuries.
These pet fish enjoy great popularity in the US, in Europa, South East Asia and Australia. In these countries, the pet retail or markets offer for sale all sizes and colors of Midas Cichlids. The Midas Cichlid can easily be bred in your home tank as well.

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Red Devil Red Devil Red Devil
Red Devil Red Devil Red Devil

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