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Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 11:19 pm Reply with quote
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Well. I have this female Midas that is the daughter to my pair that was in the 125gal tank a few months back. I kept this off spring due to I just new she was a HE and I wanted another Midas that looked like daddy Midas. Well HE turned out to be a SHE and while she was in the 125gal tank, she poked her nose at the pleco to often and got speared in the forhead..this in turn has left a hole in her head..I have no Idea what to do with her as she has tryed to kill my Severum in a 75 gal so she is alone in a 29 gal tank and hardly comes out of her cave and does not like the light on at all..Goofie fish....Their is also a black dot by the hole that I have no idea what it is. A tip of the plecos spear spine maybe?? It is not a parasite that I can tell..So here is a pic of her ..Any one else have problems with theirs and plecos OR other cichlids damaging theirs?? I got rid of all My plecos due to I use RO water and algae is not a problem..

A close up of the hole:

Another one, such a beauty, even with the hole:

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Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 6:48 am Reply with quote
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i would try to heal it

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Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 1:50 pm Reply with quote
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Try Melafix for 14-21 days
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