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Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 2:27 pm Reply with quote
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Finally got my fish and fish tanks back from my ex. Now they can have better care.

Lumpy has gotten fatter and taller. The move didn't stress him but got him pretty angry. I haven't used divider for more than a year. Now I have to put it back in to protect Tweety.

Lumpy when I first got him more than 2 yrs ago.

The morning of this last Monday...(my camera is going out on me...his redness isn't that pale at all.)

Tweety got a bit beat up by Lumpy.

I have 2 H. sp. 'Turqoise' left. I had about 10 or so. As most can guess, my ex didn't care much about my fish. One fish after another died. When I went to get my fish back, I found my male T. sp. 'Mixteco' gold dead. I'm slowing get back into the hobby. Starting small, but I'm sure in no time, I'll go crazy on it again especially my current bf is encouraging me to start collecting again Razz

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