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You probably found this site because you are interested in keeping fish, or have already bought one or more fish, and now have some questions about them. Before you post questions, the staff would like to direct you to a few resourses that we have available. Using these resourses, you will probably get your answers more quickly than by posting a question.

The Search Engine.

If you look at the top of any advice forum page, you will notice several links to useful areas of the site. Probably the most useful is the Search link. If you click on it, it will take you to a form where you can fill out search criteria. There is a good chance that your question has already been answered. Using Search will help you find that answer quickly. Try to use words that are very specific to your situation. This will help you narrow your search down to information that will be useful to you.

The Advice Team

One of the most frustrating things for a new fiskeeper who goes online for advice is trying to figure out exactly whose advice to trust. There are as many different answers as there are people. So the question becomes "Who can I trust?"

In an effort to reduce some of this confusion, the staff at established a special Usergroup called the Advice Team. Team members have a special Advice Team title under their username. They have been selected for this team because they have shown over time to give good consistant advice. You can rest assured that if a member of the Advice Team responds to your question that they are talking from experience.

This does not mean that the other members are not knowledgable. We have many very knowlegable members who are not on the team. However, occasionally, any site of this size gets visitors who try to cause problems by giving out bad advice. When this happens, you can count on Advice Team members to set the record straight.

The Administrative Staff.

Administrators are identified with a special "Adminitrator" title under the Administrator's username. We are here to make your experience at more enjoyable. If you are having a problem with your account, the software, or another user, please contact one of the Administrators, and we will atempt to resolve the problem.

Moderation Staff

Moderators are identified with a special "Moderator" title under the Moderator's username.

The Moderators are here to keep a special eye on the Advice Forums. Any problems you notice on the advice forums should be reported to the apropriate moderator. This can be done by clicking on the "report post" link directly above each post, or by contacting the apropriate moderator directly.
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